Curriculum Focus Areas

Visual Arts

All students participate in a Visual Arts Program. Building capacity and a great attitude toward Visual Arts is valued. Art helps students to build emotional capabilities and strengthens the ability to slow down and calm the mind. Creative work is usually ongoing, and the focus is on creating, making and exploring.


All students attend weekly Library sessions. Throughout the year there are days celebrating reading and books, authors and illustrators. Students and staff can dress up and participate in fun activities.

It is an expectation that each student takes books home every week to share with their families. They need a library bag to transport books to and from home.

Library is open at Recess and Lunch breaks from Monday to Thursday, for Passive Play.

Physical Education

All students participate in a Physical Education Program that is based on performing and practising basic motor skills and movement patterns. They are also actively involved in activities that require them to use their development of athletic skills.

For more information about Sport at St Francis Xavier School, please click on the link.