School Fees

St Francis Xavier School, Corio, charges an annual family fee/building levy. In addition to the family fee/building levy there is a compulsory curriculum levy (including booklist) per student. This fee also covers excursions, swimming program, Sacramental program and tuition.

If your child is in Year 5 or 6, a camp levy is also added. The camp levy will vary from year to year, depending on the nature and location of the camp. There is also an annual parish Thanksgiving Pledge. The cost of the various levies are added to the total fee amount.

To assist families in budgeting for prompt and regular payment of school fees, Term by Term, Direct Debit or Centrepay are the preferred payment method for all families. 

Families experiencing difficulties paying fees need to make an appointment to meet with the Principal, Maria Scala, to discuss alternative arrangements.

Direct Debit application for Fees

Centrepay application for Fees

Fee Collection Policy