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Term 2, 2022

National Walk Safely to School Day 2022

Walk Safely to School Day is Friday 20 May!  We are walking to school... will you join us? #walksafelytoschoolday #sfxcorio #corio 

Term 3, 2021

Book Week

Book Week this year had quite a different look due to Remote Learning. This didn't stop students and staff from dressing up and having fun with the theme: Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds.

Term 2, 2020 - Remote Learning

Let's cook - create - move!

Term 1, 2020

First Day of Foundation

'Ready, set, go!' 

Here we have the 2020 Foundation students - embarking on their education journey, at Orientation Day, then First Day of School. 

Beginning of the Year Mass

'Together we pray'.

The school banner and the message stick were important icons at the Beginning of the Year Mass. New Prayer Boxes for the classrooms were also blessed and distributed. It was a very prayerful and reverent way to begin the new school year.

Leadership Day

Very early in Term 1, all senior students attended a Leadership Conference. They formed working groups to identify leadership qualities. After workshopping different types of leadership models, they chose a role, and shared their reasons why they deserved the role and what they could bring to it.  

Term 4, 2019

Carols on the Green - December

An amazing opportunity for our students to showcase their talents, and share a magical Christmas evening with their families, was held last week. After a very warm day (39 degrees), the relief of a very mild cool change added to the atmosphere. A well-stocked Mission Market, filled with handmade goodies and run by the Senior students, helped raise funds for local and global charities. The North Children's Choir, led by Lucy, began the evening. Each Learning Community then followed by singing traditional Christmas carols and songs in English and Italian. Santa and his elf visited as well, and the sausage sizzle proved to be very popular. Thank you to everyone who contributed to make the evening so successful!

Book Fair - November

Whoo hoo! Well done to everyone involved at our recent Book Fair. We exceeded our goal to raise funds to add to our library resources. We got lots of AMAZING books for our school.

Thank you to all the families who visited and helped out. 

'I Tarantati' - November

Italian Music and Dance Incursion

With the voices of Rosa and Filippo, to the accompaniment of an accordion, a flute, tambourines and Rosa's nimble feet, we were taken on a trip around Italy in song and dance. Finally, we learnt 'The Tarantella', a story and dance from Italy's south.

Term 3, 2019

Book Week - 'Reading is my secret power.'

Dressing up as a Super hero for the Book Week Parade at assembly was great fun. Two authors, Marisa Alo and Kym Lardner, also shared their ideas and inspiration with the budding authors of St Francis Xavier School.

Grandparents Day & Tree Planting Day

Grandparents, and other important people in our lives, came and helped us with some fun activities. As the final activity celebrating Grandparents Day and Tree Planting Day, each class planted a tree.

100 Days of Prep

We celebrated our first 100 days of school. We did lots of activities that used the number '100'.

The Arts Centre - 3/4 Excursion

At the Arts Centre in Melbourne, we enjoyed the musical play called 'The Red Tree'. This is based on a book by Shaun Tan.