School Advisory Board

School Advisory Board Report

In 2018 Maria was able to start her first full year as our Principal, as she had only been appointed in Term 3, 2017. It was a year of great proactivity from the school, and we ensured that the many potential new families knew who we were and where we were located. The 2019 Prep postcard was a great initiative and gave the school more exposure.

In an effort to improve the connection with our school families, our communication channels were further opened. The introduction of Seesaw for all year levels, was a great success. It was a great way to see our children’s engagement, as the staff sent us photos of our children’s work and videos of our children explaining their learning. The children were able to express themselves, reflect on their learning and create a portfolio they are proud to show others. It was wonderful to see the children’s work and to leave comments and encouragement.

Information sessions for families and students were held around Cyber Safety, as Child Safety was a focus for Student Wellbeing. We were lucky to listen to Leading Constable Robbie Noggler, who led the discussions with the students in Year 5/6, and many parents of the school.

We were also fortunate to have a Year 5/6 Puberty session presented by OPEN DOORS, acknowledged leaders in the development of these programs. This was well received and it was great to see the Year 5/6 staff there in order to continue the discussions with the children.

Another key highlight was the introduction of 3-Way Chats where the student-led conference took place, and each child was able to discuss their progress. Together with the parents, teacher and child it was a richer discussion.

Towards the middle of the year, together with Maria and James, we started the journey of looking at a Masterplan for St Francis Xavier. We had input into what we wanted the grounds and learning spaces to look like. As a result, we looked over drawings, and had Cathal from Minx (Architect firm) present proposals to us. We now await the decision and hope that our dream becomes a reality.

Lee Langston,

School Board Chairperson

Members of the School Advisory Board

Lee Langston 

My vision for St Francis Xavier Primary School is for it to be an inclusive school where children grow into the best version of themselves.
I have two children at St Francis Xavier, one in Year 6 and one in Year 2.As a parent I am most interested in hearing from staff about how my children are growing and learning.
I am motivated as a Board member by being included in the decision-making process, and I believe that parents and carers should be able to offer advice to the school.

Tyana Bacely

SFX is much more than just a school where your children attend. It’s a family friendly community, where staff and parents (and carers) can come together for support if needed and make new friends.
I have two children currently attending St Francis Xavier. Milly is in Year 6 and Charlie is in Year 4. 
I’ve been a part of our school's advisory board for three years. What I appreciate about being on the board is having the opportunity to have a voice and input into my children’s wellbeing whilst at school. 

Samantha Friars

Larry Pankhurst

(Parish Representative)
I am a retiree, with three grown-up children and seven grandchildren. I was born in Geelong 70 years ago and have lived here all of my life. I have seen many changes over the years.
I have been a member of the St Vincent De Paul Society for over 15 years, and have been involved with church activities in various parishes for longer than I can remember.
I come to the School Advisory Board as a member of the St Francis Xavier Parish Pastoral Team, with the intention of keeping lines of communication open, and advising wherever my knowledge andskills may be found useful.

Carin van Mourik 

(Deputy Principal)
I am the Deputy Principal at St Francis Xavier School. I have been in education for many years, teaching at every year level.
I have been a leader in Mathematics, Learning and Teaching, and Religious Education.
I understand how important it is to work as a member of the School Advisory Board, liaising with other Board members, helping to keep the St Francis Xavier community informed about policies and initiatives at St Francis Xavier School.

Maria Scala 

As Principal of St Francis Xavier School I work and liaise with all School Advisory Board Members, as they are the representative voice of all families and carers at St Francis Xavier School. 
I have been in education for many years, and have undertaken various leadership positions.
My vision for the School Advisory Board is to keep the students at the centre of each and every discussion we have, and every decision we make.

Parish Priest - yet to be appointed

A new Parish Priest is yet to be appointed at St Francis Xavier Parish.