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Book Week - 'Reading is my secret power.'

Dressing up as a Super hero for the Book Week Parade at assembly was great fun. Later on we worked in family groups, doing activities about this year's short-listed books from the Children's Book Council of Australia. During the week, two authors, Marisa Alo and Kym Lardner, also shared their ideas and inspiration with the budding authors of St Francis Xavier School.

Grandparents Day & Tree Planting Day

Grandparents, and other important people in our lives, came and helped us with some fun activities. As the final activity celebrating Grandparents Day and Tree Planting Day, each class planted a tree.

100 Days of Prep (Foundation)

We celebrated our first 100 days of school. We did lots of activities that used the number '100'.

The Arts Centre - 3/4 Excursion

At the Arts Centre in Melbourne, we enjoyed the musical play called 'The Red Tree'. This is based on a book by Shaun Tan.