Community Partnerships

Gordon TAFE/ Ardoch Youth Foundation – ‘Literacy Buddies’

‘Little Buddies’ is a Year 6 program. The students at St Francis Xavier School write to ‘Big Buddies’, volunteer Gordon TAFE students. Ardoch Youth Foundation facilitates the program, which supports Literacy and social skills. The buddies meet twice in the year, and celebrate the relationship at year’s end.

Sacred Heart College, Geelong – Felicity Project

The Felicity Project is facilitated by students of Sacred Heart College, Geelong. Every term student representatives from St Francis Xavier School attend after school activities at Sacred Heart College. The purpose of the project is to give our primary school students opportunities to have fun, and to have new experiences, all while enjoying the school and its facilities. It is where they can meet and talk with some of the teachers and students of Sacred Heart College. 

Students from Sacred Heart College also support students of St Francis Xavier School by volunteering to assist during sessions at St Francis.