School Features and Facilities

St Francis Xavier School is set on a large allotment with school life being housed in five main buildings: MacKillop, Xavier, Padua, McAuley and the Xavier Centre. The learning spaces partially encircle a courtyard, and the Xavier Centre is located next to St Francis Xavier Church.

RECEPTIONin the MacKillop Building, consists of offices and staff facilities. During school hours it is necessary for all visitors to sign in at reception.


All Learning Communities are housed in the main buildings. The Junior Learning Community (Foundation – 2) is situated in the Xavier Building. It has four learning spaces – Foundation and two Year 1/2 groups. The Reading Hub is also located there. The Middle Learning Community (Years 3-4) is situated in the Padua Building. There are three Year 3/4 groups. The Senior Learning Community (Years 5-6) is situated in the McAuley Building. There are three Year 5/6 groups. There are also dedicated break out spaces throughout the school.

The Library and Kitchen are situated between the Middle and Senior Learning Communities, also in the McAuley Building. All students have regular access to the library.

The SFX Garden is located outside the Junior Learning Community.  In the ‘Kitchen to Garden’ program the students tend to and harvest vegetables and other plants which are used as ingredients for the recipes which the students cook.

THE XAVIER CENTRE is a shared place for the community of St Francis Xavier. Apart from regular school-based Physical Education sessions, it also hosts school assemblies, and other parish and community events.