Vision and Mission


At  St Francis Xavier Catholic Parish Primary School we embrace the courage and compassion of our patron saint, St Francis Xavier. 

We seek to create a culture that values strong relationships between students, family and community based on respect, communication and forgiveness.

Our staff use rich engaging learning experiences to nurture students in a contemporary learning community as they aspire to individual greatness.



By our own example we will model respect for each other. Through our Curriculum and modeling we will promote and develop tolerance, compassion, equality, justice and joy in each other’s presence. We will provide opportunities to develop and celebrate our gifts, talents, creativity and individuality. We will ensure that policies and programs nurture the whole person and cater for student needs.

We acknowledge the role of families and provide programs and services to support them. We will promote a sense of family within the school providing opportunities for students to work in a harmonious environment, which is conducive to learning and reflection.


As we journey together in faith our aim is to be a community who, by using Jesus as our model, promotes justice and opportunities to act justly at school, in the local community and globally.

Through the teaching of gospel values and celebrating the sacraments as a community, we hope to nurture the spiritual development of each child.

Through sharing the word of God and learning and celebrating Jesus’ love for each person, we hope to promote a sense of self-including a love of and pride in self. In doing this we hope to celebrate our diversity through family and community.


As a school we will provide students with planned learning opportunities in which they are likely to experience success. Achievements will be celebrated and affirmed through school assemblies, concerts, newsletters and local media.

Our school will strive to provide staff with informed practice so as to teach educational programs that will instill a love for learning and encourage students to respond to the best of their abilities.

Through our Religious Education program, children develop an understanding of what it means to be catholic, including an awareness of and respect for other faiths, cultures, traditions and the environment.

By providing the children with an inclusive curriculum and teaching the necessary skills such as inquiry skills, we hope to develop the children’s sense of justice and empower them to become active and informed citizens so as to equip them in their world.