Our School

Our school is named after Saint Francis Xavier, the patron saint of overseas missions.

He is also one of the patron saints of Australia. Today, we at St Francis Xavier School strive to serve our community and share our faith as St Francis Xavier did.

St Francis Xavier was born into a family of minor nobility who lived in the castle of Xavier, in the Basque country of Spain. He was educated at the University of Paris. There he met, and was converted to the service of Christ by St. Ignatius Loyola. Together, they formed the Society of Jesus, which is more commonly known as the Jesuits. For some years he worked in Italy and was then assigned to preach the Gospel in the Far East. He left for India in 1542. He had extraordinary success there. He baptised thousands of people and worked many miracles. He also had the gift of tongues. Later he worked in Japan. He died in 1552, on Sancian Island, on his way to China. He was the greatest missionary the modern church has produced.

Made by Shane McInnes in 2008